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Organic Skincare 101

I want to tell you why we’re making organic skincare products here at Purevive. We’re aware that in the cosmetics market there are many products with potentially harmful ingredients, and that as a consumer we may not even understand what the functionality is or whether they’re good for our skin.

Purevive wants to offer a simpler formulation, organic when it is possible and 100% natural. We have discovered some advantages about our organic skincare formulas, and we want to share those with you:

First, organic beauty is the formulation of skincare products using ingredients which are grown without the use of the genetically modified organisms (GMOs), without herbicides, and without synthetic fertilisers. In other words, the ingredients used in our products don’t have any controversial ingredients.

Second, organic products are found to include a higher proportion of vitamins and antioxidants than non-organic products. Actually, our conscious consumers have perceived organic skincare products as a product with nourishing characteristics. ​

Third, Purevive wants to get back to basics. This means using the all-natural ingredients that have formed the basis of personal care for centuries, especially with regards to skincare, and keenly avoiding synthetic ingredients. Commonplace synthetic ingredients in non-organic formulations act fast, but only to create a temporary visible result in your skin. Additionally, these chemicals may harm and deteriorate your skin as your body tries to cope with these foreign substances.

Fourth, we love animals and are against animal testing. Buying an organic ​Purevive skin care product gives you the opportunity to obtain a safe, 100% vegan-friendly product that has not been tested on animals. When you opt-in on organic skin care products, you’re supporting a cruelty-free cause, protecting animals from trials.

Fifth, when you buy an organic product, you are helping to preserve the environment. Because organic products cause less pollution and produce less carbon dioxide and less unsafe waste, by using organic products, you are helping to reduce any environmental impact.

We guarantee that when you pick one of our products, you will recognise most of the ingredients, and you will feel a natural sensation of wellbeing and balance with nature while you are using it.

Please do keep in touch for more information,

Maria S. xo

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