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Purevive, honest Skincare Brand

I have always been fascinated by natural products and the process of producing goods. So when I finished school, the idea of a skincare company was born, and I was ready for university, full of expectations about my future and with the aim of starting my own business. In 2007 I decided to study Chemical Engineering to gain the necessary technical and industrial knowledge — about the chemistry involved, and the processing environment.

After my bachelor’s degree, in 2012 I joined a ​Fast-moving consumer goods company looking for industrial experience, and this first involvement in the industry taught me multiple things related to Research & Development, to Processing, and to Quality Control. In 2015 I had the opportunity to work at the largest personal care company in the world. This valuable experience allowed me to understand the wider world of the cosmetic industry, giving me the insight and the skillset to create my own start-up, ​Purevive​.

In 2018, pursuing my career aspirations, I enrolled in a ​Masters in Entrepreneurship degree course. While pursuing my studies, I started research into the skincare industry following my years of industrial experience, a personal experience with rosacea (a skin concern), and involving eco-friendly practices. Now I would like to share my experience with any and all customers who may have skin concerns, providing natural and organic products and generating self-care culture in their daily routines.

This is simpler. At ​Purevive​, you won’t only find natural and organic skincare products — you’ll get the best handmade products with the best sustainable practices. You will discover the perfect product for your lovely skin and your wellbeing. Oh, and most importantly, we promise that our products are kind to your skin, just as we are kind to the environment.


If we don’t have the product you are looking for, please keep in touch —maybe it’s coming soon! Welcome to this space created for you.




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