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Frequently Asked Questions

What ingredients are used in your products? Are they organic?

We aim to create products that cause minimal harm to the environment whilst also providing you with your skincare / haircare goals. Therefore, all our products are produced using organic ingredients; our suppliers are organic certified! The main ingredients in our skincare products include Jojoba oil, Avocado oil, Almond Oil as well as Macadamia oil in our Enchanting hair oil.  All our products are enriched with Vitamin E, a natural antioxidant for the skin. Despite not being 100% organic due to impossibilities in ensuring it is safe for cosmetic use, it is 100% natural.

Do you use water in your products?

In order to maintain an eco-conscious, environmentally friendly brand, all our products are waterless. Whilst introducing water into our products wouldn’t necessarily affect the environment, we are conscious of the fact that water resources are noticeably decreasing. Therefore, by creating waterless cosmetic products, we are not contributing to water waste.

Do you test on animals?

No! Not only is animal testing now illegal in UK and Europe, we believe that is is ethically immoral to test on animals - our products are 100% vegan and cruelty-free, ensuring that you can enjoy our products guilt free! 

Our products are assessed by a third party who have an extensive knowledge of raw materials, certifying that our formulas are safe for cosmetic use whilst nurturing the environment.

Are your products vegan?

Yes! None of our products contain animal-derived ingredients, honey or beeswax. We are dedicated to being a vegan, natural and organic company.

Packaging and Components

We strive to be as eco conscious as possible, therefore our products take advantage of locally and ethically sourced materials. There are 6 main components to our packaged products, most of which are environmentally friendly. 

Our glass and aluminium bottles and metal caps on 30ml bottles are all sourced from small businesses around the UK. We use paper labels on our bottles, before packaging them up in fair trade cotton bags from one of Europe’s leading trade suppliers of eco-friendly, sustainable bags.

Currently, the droppers are the only component made from plastic. We are exploring ways in which we can improve this component of our products, as we are aware of the problems that plastic has on the environment and very much advocate the reduction of plastic use.

Are your products fragrance free?

All our products are free from artificial fragrances. Instead, we utilize natural, essential oils such as Lavender oil which is less likely to irritate the skin as well as having therapeutic effects. The level of essential oils we use is minimal, in order to secure suitability for sensitive skin.

However, we know that you may prefer to avoid essential oils entirely. For this reason, our Balancing Face Oil is 100% fragrance free, whilst having the same healing properties as our other products.

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