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Beating the Winter Blues with Self-care & Skincare

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

Blue Monday is here, and even if this is a concept landed during a press release from a British Travel Company 2005. This is pretty much still here, happening each third Monday of January every year.

We dig on the topic, and we did not find any scientistic evidence. However, as the days grow darker and colder, many of us occasionally experience the ‘winter blues’.

Researchers have found that the lack of sunlight might stop the hypothalamus working properly and this may affect melatonin and serotonin production and our body internal clock which make us feel blue.

If you need help beating the winter blues, we have collected 5 easy steps to follow.

Don’t let a day define how you feel. Treat yourself with our winter self-care routine and practice daily self-care rituals to boost your mood.

Use our 20% discount code BLUEMONDAY to get 20% off in our Relaxing Face Oil- Valid until Sunday 22 January 2023 .

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