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A skincare ritual to boost your skin and your soul

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

PureVive Winter Self-care routine is enhanced by our Relaxing Face Oil, our winter lavender scented star for a good night sleep, perfect for cold weather and additional mood boosting.



First, grab your Relaxing Face Oil.

Second, select you favourite uplifting music and play it once your are ready for your self-care routine.

Third, clean your face, use a gentle cleanser, wet your face with a lukewarm water and apply cleanser then rinse your face with lukewarm water and pat dry with a soft towel. Let all negative feelings go.

Fourth, apply 2-4 drops of our Relaxing Face Oil.

- Press one hand to each cheek while you inhale and exhale the lavender fragrance, then place right hand on your forehead with your left hand along your chin.Inhale and exhale once again the lavender fragrance. Massage use upward circular motions to massage product into the face, avoiding the eye area. Then, massage the neck using downward movements.

Fifth, grab a cup of tea. We recommend a chamomile or lavender tea to finish with the routine.

Breath, apply and repeat.


Skincare info: Our Relaxing Face Oil is for all types of skin. Highly recommended for sensitive skin and dry skin. Protect and nourish your skin leaving it looking and feeling supple and soft. Provides daily hydration and reduce premature skin ageing.

Self-care info: Our Relaxing Face Oil is 100% plant-based, we have selected the best organic ingredients to support your skin and soul. Our Relaxing Face Oil, lavender Scented, helps to improve sleep, eliminate insomnia, reduce anxiety, headaches, mood issues.

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