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A Simple Guide to Happy Skin

So you want healthy, clear skin? Don’t we all! It’s the question on most people's lips. Within this media saturated society we inhabit, how can we not strive and yearn for perfect skin when we’re constantly presented with photos of others with flawless, glowing skin? Or, more importantly, what appears to be flawless skin (shoutout to blurring filters and Photoshop!) Skin is temperamental, with textures and conditions differing from person to person. However, there are products, ingredients and solutions out there that will help you achieve healthy, happy skin. We present to you, a simple 6 step guide to happy skin;

  1. Water. Hydration. Everyone talks about the importance of water, both as a contribution to a healthy balanced diet and to healthy looking skin. How does the consumption of water impact your external appearance? Well, our body is made up of 60% water, and it is crucial in maintaining the protective, lipid barrier of the skin. When we deprive our body of hydration, it’s biological reaction is to get nutrients from wherever it can; as the body's largest organ, your skin's nutrients will be stripped in order to aid dehydration leaving it dull and dry.

  2. Be Mindful. So you’re drinking plenty of water. You’re cleansing, toning and moisturizing using chemical-free products that suit your skin. You’re eating a balanced diet. But you’re still breaking out? Take a step back and reflect. Is this break-out stress related? Have you been dealing with changes in your life that induce negative emotions? Stress causes chemical imbalances, which will manifest in many different ways including break-outs. Take some time to look after yourself; slow down and show yourself compassion.

  3. Balance. Dry, red, or painful skin is usually a result of damage to the skin’s protective barrier. To resolve this, resist the temptation to pick at your skin; this will only irritate it more! Instead, nurture your skin with a balancing oil which you should incorporate after cleansing AM and PM, prior to moisturizing. Using a face oil will help restore the skin's natural oils, repairing its outer-layer.

  4. Care. You’ve found yourself a skincare routine of cleansing, exfoliating, toning and moisturizing. Great! But are you using an SPF? It’s a common misconception that SPF is designed solely for exposure to the sun. Whilst this is very important, it is just as important to use an SPF on a daily basis in order to protect your skin from everyday UV rays. Even in the heights of winter, UV rays penetrate the skin’s barrier stripping it of it’s natural oils that balance complexion and generate that healthy glow. By not applying an SPF daily, you’re inviting signs of aging and dullness.

  5. Replenish. Throughout the day, our skin develops a build up of dirt and oils that must be replaced in order to invite fresh, healthy skin cells. For this reason, cleansing is vital. Morning and night, ensure that you’re cleansing your skin with an oil based cleanser in order to restore and balance the skin’s natural oils whilst allowing clean, new cells to come through. This will prevent acne from developing, as it erradicates that toxic build up of dirt generated by everyday pollutants.

  6. …Repeat. Daily. Consistency is key, and healthy skin is not achieved overnight. Like most processes, it isn’t linear. Break-outs are sometimes inevitable and as tempting as it is to cover them up using make-up, this will only contribute to the build up of dirt. However, by repeating these 6 simple steps and trusting the process, your skin will return the favor with a healthy, happy glow.

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