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Enchanted Hair Oil

Enchanted Hair Oil

PriceFrom £10.99

A versatile Hair Oil to maintain a healthy Hair & Scalp.


Contains Organic Argan Oil & Organic Avocado Oil.


An Enchanted treatment that mixes Latin American remedies & Moroccan remedies to provide an additional lift to your Hair, leaving your hair shiny and eliminating frizz.


A lavender scented Hair Oil, beautifully scented with a delicate smell that perdures in your hair during the day.

  • Our Enchanted Hair Oil is a combination of organic oils with good levels of omega 7 and omega 9 to keep the hair soft, thicker and easier to manage.

    It stimulates the growth of thicker and longer hair, keeps the hair pliable and helps to stop split ends.

    Our Hair Oil moisturises the scalp preventing and eliminating scalp problems such as dandruff.

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